Small Steps Forward to Becoming an Author (FFSBA)

Small Steps Forward to Becoming an Author (SSFBA) is a newsletter created by me, Jupie Wilder. Follow my journey to becoming an author, both self-published and traditional published.

It is the Wild Wild West out there, when it comes to getting published. Writing is the easy part. What comes next is crazy hard.

I plan to self-publish one manuscript and traditionally publish another (just to see the difference). What are the pros and cons? Are there tricks that make the process easier?


Some of my topics Include (but not limited to):

  • Resources and tools

  • Self-publishing

  • Traditional publishing

  • Writer’s platforms

  • Social media

  • Agents

  • Publishers

  • Illustrators

  • Book cover designs

  • and much more…

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FREE Writers Resources & Tools

There are myriad tools, blogs, apps, and websites that claim they can help. Some are very helpful, some are taking advantage of writers, and some are just plain useless.

One of the best things I’ve started is a list of Writers Resources and Tools. I started this list for me and then a thought smacked me across the face… “Why don’t I share this with other writers?”

As I find a tool, app, site, or blog I will update this list (almost daily)… and it’s FREE!

Writers Resources & Tools

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